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יום שני, 15 באפריל 2013

Notes on the nature of human experience

The suffering we inflict upon others equals the suffering we inflict upon ourselves. Humans encounter their own images and thoughts never cross passing another.

In order for us to understand the inner mechanisms of our emotions and thoughts we need to understand that the human experience is not personal it was never personal,emotions and thoughts are universal to the human species. What we tend to think as our own is merely a reflection of our universal consciousness, a stage in evolution.

Every choice we make change reality, only by expanding the boundaries of our own consciousness we may see reality as a whole and experience life as it is, clean of all images, the separation from one another is a mere outcome of the choices we make, of the ideas we attach ourselves to.

For us to fully understand the human experience we must detach ourselves from the concepts we hold in order to see a wider bigger picture, as deep as we go the more whole the picture is.

The forces around us draw us to the conclusion that life is what is, but if you allow yourself to observe closer you can instantly notice that things are what they are only because of the choices we make.

Humanity as a whole is made out of individuals, every choice we make effect all of humanity and dare I say the evolution of the universe itself. The responsibility of each individual is on the entire universe as a whole.

We tend to think humanity and life is something that is so complex we can never understand it.
We must understand the inner mechanism that drives us, only by expanding beyond our boundaries can we get there.

We are all one connected by the universal consciousness and the choices we make today effects each and every one of us, kindness and cruelty effect everyone, even an insignificant choice create a chain of events that ultimately effects the evolution of the universe.

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